Country Gospel Cowboy Church
Branded for Heaven


Country Gospel Cowboy Church is a cooperating church with the Southern Baptist. Meaning, we give each month to the missionary minded efforts of the local Longs Peak Baptist Association, and the Colorado Baptist Convention.

The sermons at cowboy church are always biblical and relevant. You hear the Word and then are able to apply it and actually live out your faith! At cowboy church we are not about fancy formats or programs, we are just about finding real help from a real Savior!

Our music is a mixture of country gospel, old and new, along with some of your favorite hymns you can sing along with. While we make certain all the music will glorify God and our Savior Jesus Christ, we also make sure it is presented in a way regular folks can appreciate.

Country Gospel Cowboy Church is one of the most exciting churches anywhere. If you like the cowboy culture, you'll love the cowboy church! You don't have to be a cowboy to attend. Most people who come to cowboy church don't even own a horse. They tell us they come because they like the relaxed atmosphere where they can be themselves, whether they have a Harley, or a horse, wear boots or suits, are divorced or married, it just doesn't matter. It is a place you can feel welcome and right at home.

We would love for you to come see all the exciting and wonderful ways in which our Lord is blessing our Cowboy Church and all the ways you can be blessed too.

Meet our sponsors:

Coronado Baptist Church - Bakersfield, CA
Rock Creek Baptist Church - Shawnee, OK